Xclusive Alcohol Trucks / Booze Trucks

What is a booze truck you ask?… It’s like an Ice Cream Truck for adults!   

Social Gatherings of all size enjoy ice cold beers, shaken signature cocktails or made to order libations that will rock your socks off.   Our staff will make sure to keep the guests entertained and served quickly and efficiently. This isnt our first rodeo, 10+ years in business – we know what we’re doing!

X Booze Truck [1967 GMC]

The state’s Original Booze Trucks can be found all over the streets of Wichita, Kansas.  Bright Lime Green and decked out in LEDs, you cant miss it!

Tin Shaker Cocktail Truck [1962 GMC]

A Signature Cocktail for any occasion, our house menu of our signature shaken cocktails will keep your mouth wanting more.  Seasonal and dried fruits paired perfectly with our strong shaken cocktails at your nearest public venue

Drink Local Beer Truck [1965 GMC]

Local Beer? We’ve got you covered! This is a custom keg truck serving up craft beers from local breweries.

Booze Truck 2.0 aka Olive [1969 GMC]

Bigger. Wider. Taller.  She a big ol truck with lots of booze.